EU Accession Negotiation Process Learning Exchange between CSOs from Montenegro and Serbia with CSOs from Albania and North Macedonia, P2P event, 30 – 31 March 2023

The EU Accession Negotiation Process Learning Exchange People-to-People Programme event took place in Tirana, Albania, on March 30-31, 2023. The overarching objective was to facilitate knowledge transfer among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Albania and North Macedonia, allowing them to glean insights from the best practices employed by their counterparts in Montenegro and Serbia during the EU accession negotiation process. The specific aims included fostering an understanding of diverse models and structures for civil society engagement in accession negotiations, familiarizing participants with effective approaches and practices in collaboration with governments during these negotiations and equipping them with applicable insights for their unique situations. Additionally, the event aimed to cultivate strong personal connections among participants, serving as a foundation for future cooperation and exchange on shared topics of interest.

The methodology employed by EU TACSO 3 involved inviting speakers with hands-on experience in civil society organizations from Montenegro and Serbia and individuals who had actively participated in or observed the EU accession negotiation process in those countries. These speakers shared their valuable experiences, delving into the strengths and weaknesses of various engagement models and structures. Importantly, they offered practical advice to CSOs in Albania and North Macedonia on effective strategies to prepare for, influence, and enhance the outcomes of their own EU accession negotiations. The event thus served as a platform for collaborative learning, providing a comprehensive understanding of successful approaches and facilitating connections for ongoing cooperation and support.

P2P Event Report

EU Accession Learning Exchange Agenda

Presentation 1 CSO EU Integration Montenegro

Presentation 2 CSO EU Integration Serbia

Presentation 3 Directorate for Alignment with EU Acquis MNE

Presentation 4 Coalition 27

Presentation 5 Centre for Civic Education CCE

Presentation 6 CSOs as partners to the Government in the EU accession process

Presentation 7 Role and the Impact of Albanian CSOs in EU Integration

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