CSO Governance Community of Practice Regional Meeting (11 – 12 May 2023) resource materials

The first CSO Governance Community of Practice Regional Meeting was organised in Belgrade, Serbia on 11 – 12 May 2023 with the purpose to initiate communication on:  

  • Good practices we have in the EU and in the region. 
  • Discuss capacity-building modalities that will fit the best to the needs of the CSOs and CSO networks implementing large and multi-country projects in the region. 
  • Initiate building of the community of practitioners interested in exploring the area of CSO governance including practices, knowledge, skills, documents etc.  

The event gathered 59 representatives of CSOs and CSO networks from the EU, Western Balkans and Türkiye and EU TACSO 3 team.

EU TACSO 3 CSO Governance Learning Brief May 2023

EU TACSO 3 FINAL Agenda CSO Governance

Anabel Cruz, Global Standard

Bao Han Tran Le, Accountable Now

Dafina Beqiri, WBF

Dorina Lluka Davies, YCMA

Ivana Kecovic, IRIS Network

Jasmina Chaushoska, MCIC

Milena Dimitrovska, ALDA

Myftar Doci, ANTTARC

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