Volunteering and volunteer management – People to People Programme Event (Tirana, Albania, 28-29 March 2023)

The aim of the event was to promote volunteering as a means of social and economic development in the Western Balkans and Türkiye, and to address challenges related to recognition, support, and sustainability.
The event gathered 34 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro,
North Macedonia, Serbia and Türkiye.

Volunteering and volunteer management Agenda

Presentation 1 Albanian Red Cross

Presentation 2 Volunteering Legal Frameworks in Europe

Presentation 3 Volunteurope

Presentation 4 Volunteering Or Not Volunteering

Presentation 5 The enabling environment for volunteering in the Western Balkans countries Albania Case

Presentation 6 Red Cross of Society BiH

Presentation 7 The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey TEGV

Presentation 8 Volunteer Operations Manager

Event Report

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